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why do i feel so empty... so tired of living a life that was given to me by fate and by destiny. there are times that i wish my child's father didn't take the life that i'm supposed to be having (going on trips with my friends, staying out, studying with no limitations) its crazy. i feel like i wanna have that life back. a life with no restrictions. a life without a child, but i can't. it was my responsibility to face the consequences of having sex in the first place. i don't blame my child for being here on earth. in fact, i love her so much. but i feel like i'm holding back because i have to make sure that i spend ENOUGH time with my daughter. that i wouldn't NEGLECT her. and bfs... hmmm.. bfs another restriction that i sometimes don't even need. i wanna have more time for myself, and yet relationship has a way of pulling me back as well. the time, effor and money that i spend on my relationship is starting to wear me out. i don't know what i should do. i'm confused and lost. or maybe its just my energy that is killing me.
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